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SOLARONICS French manufacturer of decentralised heating and cooling appliances for INDUSTRY and the TERTIARY SECTOR.


"This new natural gas heating system is giving us entire satisfaction. It provides an agreeable warmth, gives out a radiation that is gentle and diffuse but that is effective and can be felt. The system quickly and evenly provides the desired 18°C throughout the building. Very quiet, the technique eliminates air movements, nests of ceiling ducts and floor mounted equipment found on other shop floors. The particularly high efficiency of the system gives energy savings and enables running costs to be controlled. "

— Philippe Nicolau, Production Manager at SEPV

"The technical description of the product, the clear and detailed explanations on how it works were determining criteria for choosing Solaronics appliances. The dimensions of the appliances, with their wide radiation area, were convincing for their better distribution in heating areas. They provided a quick response to requirements. Heating and gas consumption matched the stated performances. They are very easy to use and are well adapted to the demand initially formulated. "

— Patrick BEAULIEU, Manager of the sports centre SQUASH TEN DU VERGER

"This was the first time I had tried this equipment which was installed in the Sancoins church. The advice I was given, the complete study of the project and support while it was completed were key factors in my choice of Solaronics equipment. The good quality / price ratio was a further advantage but this was not the most important criterion. The products are well designed. The customer's demands were perfectly met both in heating quality and in the custom control of the functioning requested by the user. Everything has been working well since it was first used. "

— David GUERUT, Plumbing contractor

"After giving much thought to the pros and cons of the various common heating systems, we opted for a heating system with gas fired radiant tubes. With no air movement, this system does not interfere with welding operations on shop floors. In addition, the ability very easily to adjust the heating in distinct areas, combined with local day/night temperature heating was an additional advantage for us. The installation was trouble-free and put into operation within the agreed time and budget! We are very satisfied with the installation. With fuel savings coupled with low annual maintenance costs we were able to recuperate costs in less than 3 years. "

— Wim Van de Velde, STORK Maintenance and Technical Manager

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